• BBC's Test Card F

    Test Card F stars, Carole Hersee and Bubbles the Clown, have appeared for an estimated total of 70,000 hours[5] on television, equivalent to nearly eight whole years, which is more than any other person.

  • Out of the Garage

    Like all the greatest tech companies, Woollard started in the garage. Here's Colin and our first daughter.

  • TV Kiwi

    The Goodnight Kiwi (aka TV Kiwi) is an animated short which has been used to signal the end of nightly broadcasts on Television New Zealand channels.

  • Our Gang

    This was taken a few years ago, and though staff have come and gone, we consider all of our staff family.

  • Sky Pays Homage

    An updated version of Test Card F has appeared on Sky HD, with television presenter Myleene Klass playing the role of Carole Hersee.